Mountaineering Activities

Rock Climbing

Whether you are considering a local day out in the Peak District or a mountaineering adventure further afield in the Lake District, Wales or Scotland, Chris Plant Mountaineering can provide a range of activities to suit all levels.  Bespoke packages are also available in the UK and abroad.

Rock climbing can provide vast amounts of challenge both physical and mental and the Peak District provides some of the best climbing in the world.  There are popular routes on the gritsone edges overlooking the Derwent valley or there are out of the way, hidden gems in the Peak District such as the far skyline on the Roaches.  Here you can learn the basics of rock climbing or bouldering on routes specifically chosen for a beginner.  Alternatively, for someone more experienced, a coaching programme would enable you to hone your skills in traditional climbing.

If you are wanting to set an even bigger challenge for yourself, multi-pitch  climbing routes in Snowdownia provide the opportunity to scale well known peaks such as Tryfan, the Glidders and explore the Ogwen valley.  These locations offer experiences that have been handed down throughout generations of climbers.  The height and scale of the rock in Snowdownia enables you stretch and challenge yourself in a unique environment.

The wild beauty and wilderness of the Scottish Highlands offers a more remote experience and can combine climbing and mountaineering.  Here you can get off the beaten track and learn navigation skills alongside climbing in more exposed areas.  If you want to develop your winter mountaineering techniques, Scotland provides the ideal location for ice climbing, training in snow interpretation, route planning and use of specialist equipment.


Mountaineering is seen as the extension of rock climbing and develops use of the skills that have been learnt and practised on the smaller crags and outcrops. Days are often longer, where all aspects of the mountain environment combine in an exciting and informative adventure including the walk-in, the journey itself and the return.  Unlike most sports, mountaineering lacks widely-applied formal rules, regulations, and governance; mountaineers adhere to a large variety of techniques and philosophies when climbing mountains this is what we find so invigorating and enlightening.

Mountaineering techniques vary greatly depending on location, season, and the particular route we may choose to climb. Mountaineers train to climb on all types of terrain whether it be level ground, rock, snow, or ice. Each type of terrain presents its own exciting challenges.  A mountaineering experience with Chris Plant Mountaineering will include joined up and inclusive planning on all aspects of the mountaineering experience such as food, water, information, and equipment. The UK has some of the best mountaineering venues in the world from the peaks of North Wales, the hundreds of fells and tarns of the Lake District to the wild majesty of the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.

Whatever your mountaineering aspirations, we are here to make these a reality.

Prices vary depending on location – the table below is for the Peak District.  For other areas please contact us.

Activity 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People Larger Groups Schools &
Youth Groups
Rock Climbing £190 £200 £225 £250 £275
Abseiling Adventure
Lowland adventure

Scottish Mountaineering

Chris Plant Mountaineering can provide a wide range of experiences in Scotland.  From taking first steps  in the Cairngorms to winter mountaineering in the snow to ice climbing adventures.  Bespoke experiences will be tailored to meet your needs and level of experience.  Please contact us directly for more information.

We feel that Scotland’s mountains offer the best opportunities for summer and winter mountaineering in the UK. Magnificent cliffs, gullies and ridges abound, not to mention the distant views and a country that is steeped in cultural and historical beauty. While Scotland does not have permanent snow cover on its hills, there are many opportunities in the Scottish mountains for winter mountaineering.

But what is ‘mountaineering’? And what separates it from walking or rock climbing?

Mountaineering is defined as: ‘The ascent of hills and mountains where the use of technical equipment is essential for either hands or feet’.

One way to look at this is when the use of technical equipment – crampons, ice axe, rope etc – becomes required in summer or winter for protection in case of a fall, and then you have strayed into the realm of mountaineering.

With mountain cliffs up to 2,000ft in height, long complicated ridges and peaks with rugged rocky sections which cannot be bypassed simply on foot, mountaineering skills are required.

Mountaineering obviously encompasses climbing skills which are integral to the activity and many of the rougher parts of the Scottish hills offer great summer mountaineering opportunities. By joining us at Chris Plant Mountaineering we will look at movement skills, navigation, decision making and other adventurous mountaineering activities.  We will help you to make the progression to the  Scottish Mountains during the winter months; discussing routes, the ecology and local history. With the arctic sub climate and the majestic peaks, through to the glens and then up over and through the high passes – a Scottish mountaineering adventure will give you memories that will last a life time.

Please contact us to discuss your Scottish mountaineering experience